Take notes
on Figma

Noted makes it easy for everyone to take quick notes on Figma, with various templates to choose from.

made with โค by aakarshna

All the templates make it easy for you to take simple notes on Figma.


We love to read product stories such as this. The creator had a problem, fixed it, figured out that they probably arenโ€™t alone.


This is pure beauty.

Gleb Sabirzyanov

Noted on Figma is great. It was badly needed as my current notes always just kept flying inside my files.

Shoaib Prasad

Love this file by Aakarshna. Soooo well done. ๐Ÿ˜

Joey Banks

I love love loved Noted. Makes life so much easier since we're always on Figma anyway.

Shreni Dand